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Frequently Asked Questions


All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

1.Why should I choose evergy?

Evergy offers you significant discounts, providing green energy and at the same time high quality services, oriented to meet the special needs and requirements of each of its customers.

2.How can I be become evergy customer?

To become an evergy customer, you must fill in the application form. Alternatively, you can call us at 22 210380, to speak directly with a representative of our company.

3.Are there any costs related to changing supplier?

There is no cost when changing supplier.

4.In the process of changing supplier, will there be a power outage?

No. There will be no power outages, as the change is purely accounting. The supply of electricity is guaranteed by the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO).

5.How long does it take to change supplier or activate my supply?

In the context of Transitional Electricity Market Regulation, the change of supplier can be activated every 1st of each calendar month. The time required is approximately 10 working days from the date of signature of your application and depends on the procedures of the Distribution Network Operator (DSO).

6.Can you provide your services throughout Cyprus?

Evergy can offer its services and supply with electricity all areas that are interconnected with the national electricity grid in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

7.What is the duration of a power supply contract I sign with evergy?

The duration of the contract you sign with evergy depends on the program you have chosen and the Special Terms of the Supply Agreement. In any case, evergy has programs that have an open-ended contract, as well as programs that have a fixed-term contract.

8.In case of a power failure, who should I contact?

For any failure, as a network user, you should contact the Distribution System Operator (DSO) by calling 1800, a call center for reporting network failures.

9.How often will I receive my bill?

You will receive your bill at a monthly basis.  

10.What is an ΕΝΑΝΤΙ account and how is it calculated?

This type of bill is based on estimated electricity consumption. This estimation is based on historical consumption data of the meter, while the charge is deducted from the next actual bill.

11.What are the Regulated Charges about?

The regulated Charges concern expenses for:

  • Electricity transmission and distribution network charges
  • Ancillary Network Services
  • Public Service Obligations Charge 
  • RES and Energy Saving Fund 
  • Other Charges

12.Why does the discount apply to electricity charges only and not on entire bill?

The electricity bill includes different categories of charges namely: Energy Charges, Regulated Charges, Taxes and Fees. Of the above categories of charges, the only one that is competitive and differentiated per Supplier is the one that concerns energy charges. The remaining categories of charges are the same from all Suppliers and are attributed to Public Bodies.

13.How is evergy been informed about my consumption meter readings?

Evergy is informed by the DSO about the meter’s readings of its customers.   

14.How to dispute my electric bill?

You must fill in the corresponding document. Evergy will forward your request to DSO and will inform you of the response. 

15.How can I pay my bills?

You must fill in the corresponding document. Evergy will forward your request to DSO and will inform you of the response. 

16.What is the Ultimate Supplier or Supplier of Last Resort?

The Ultimate Supplier or Supplier of Last Resort is obliged to supply customers who are not represented by a supplier, due to the fault of their former supplier or due to events that fall within the sphere of influence of their former supplier.  The Ultimate Supplier or Supplier of Last Resort is defined as the Supplier with the largest market share per category of customers (currently the dominant EAC).